Mi metodología

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Mi Misión

It is to be able to show to you everything about the Spanish and Italian culture, not only to be able to communicate but also to spread the love for music, the love for food, the love for our beautiful cities, for our people and the emotion that comes from being able to taste another culture .​

¿Por qué enseño Español?

I have inspired students and have received an enormous amount of feedback over the years. I been dedicated to helping students and motivating them. My knowledge of the Spanish, French and Italian culture us vast. Teaching is my passion.

¿Cómo somos los españoles?

A recent study says that Spaniards are the most satisfied. 

In Spain, we have a greater sense of freedom.

We like to eat outside with a good glass of wine, Vino tinto reserva la Rioja.

We have six kind of Paella and hundred dishes more to enjoy.

We like to speak a lot and aloud some people think we are arguing but it's just the way we are.

My Experience

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I have 23 years experience in teaching.

I have taught in four countries.

The age of child Students range from 6 to 16.

I have taught in Primary schools, in the public and private sector.

I have completed a masters degree at the university Autónoma of Barcelona that allows me to practice as a teacher.

Before coming to England I was teaching at Esade University Barcelona. I now I am teaching adults as well as children.

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